I love wallpaper. It gives any room an instant, interesting personality, similar to the effect that holding a guitar has on a man.

Speaking of commitment-phobes: you don’t need to dedicate an entire room to a certain design, and you don’t even have to devote yourself to a permanent pattern. Peel-and-stick wallpaper looks just as good as the traditional kind, and it’s rental-friendly. Here are some of my favourites, all from Western Canadian brands.

Jungle bird peel and stick wallpaper
Photo: Curated Wall

1. This Jungle Bird Wallpaper

Bird enthusiast or not, this extra-bold wallpaper is the ultimate antidote to a boring room. It gives tropical paradise vibes—ideal for those greyer days. Find it at Vancouver-based Curated Wall.

Squiggly neutral wallpaper
Photo: West Coast Walls

2. This Playful but Neutral Wallpaper

Okay, maybe you’re not a toucans-all-over-the-wall maximalist: this squiggly pattern from Abbotsford, B.C.-based West Coast Walls has more of a serene vibe, but there’s still plenty to look at.

Pink geometric pattern wallpaper
Photo: West Coast Walls

3. This Pretty in Pink Geometric Wallpaper

Also from West Coast Walls comes this whimsical semi-circle pattern. I’m long past my childhood “I hate pink” stage—it’s an abstract, feminine-leaning print I’m loving right now.

Lemon wallpaper peel and stick
Photo: Rocky Mountain Decals

4. This Lemon-Printed Wallpaper

It’s flowers galore in Lethbridge, Alberta-based Rocky Mountain Decals‘ lineup, but I’m partial to this more pared-down design—it might be lemon-heavy, but the print is pretty damn sweet.

Monstera patterned wallpaper
Photo: Timberlea Minimal

5. This Tropical Monstera Wallpaper

Vancouver-based Timberlea Minimal makes this plant-happy pattern… and for those not blessed with the green thumb gene, it’s definitely a lot cheaper than buying (and killing) the finicky monstera.

black spot wall decals
Photo: BySquaredHeart

6. These Irregular Black Wall Decals

Control freaks, I see you. Airdrie, Alberta-based By Squared Heart makes these removable wall decals that you arrange yourself. So make your wall as spotty as you like.

Anewall poppy wallpaper
Photo: Anewall

7. This Colourful Floral Mural

This lively watercolour peel-and-stick wallpaper is from Vancouver-based Anewall. It’s styled here for a kid’s room, but I think it could add some balance to a home office, too.

Psst… you can also spot Anewall wallpaper in the home office of our editor-at-large. Read her renovation story here