“Our goal is always a natural outcome that helps people feel their best.”

For Dr. Adriaan Viljoen, practicing medicine is a constant evolution. The South African doctor opened a Saskatchewan family practice in 1991 upon relocating to Canada, but never stopped striving to grow professionally. After moving further West to Calgary, an inherent interest in cosmetic medicine led him to Botox injections and chemical peels. Fast-forward fifteen years and Dr. Viljoen, owner of V-MediSpa in Calgary’s SouthWest, is among the most sought-after injectors in the country.At V-MediSpa each treatment begins with a VISIA assessment. The photographic technology allows the team to analyse wrinkles, sunspots and other skin damage, attributing a customized score to each client that serves as a base standard throughout treatments. The ability to quantify skin damage and improvement is a huge advantage to the practice, where treatments are charged based on desired results versus units of Botox.Dr. Viljoen is passionate about innovating and updating. He regularly attends global conferences, including the International Congress of Dermatology in Rio de Janeiro last November and the Allergan Academy in Ireland last May. His keen involvement in latest industry advancements places him at the forefront of his field—his personal interest most recently shifting to Genomics.“We have really started moving towards anti-aging medicine,” tells Lizanne Viljoen, Dr. Viljoen’s wife and business partner. “Genomics is the study of genetic material. Once we figure out why your body reacts the way it does, we can better go about fixing it.” She describes the approach as innovative, holistic and individualized—three ideal characteristics in the cosmetic dermatology industry—its success proven by patients’ results and responses. As Lizanne explains, “Our goal is always a natural outcome that helps people feel their best.”