Dreamy, abstract landscapes populate the painter’s first Vancouver show.

Artist Zoë Pawlak manages to sneak into our magazine almost every month. That’s not a complaint—it’s just a fact of life that the Vancouver-born painter is a fave of West Coast designers, so her ethereal, colourful paintings are often found hanging on the walls of the living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms we’re featuring (and her collaborations with furniture maker Jeff Martin and rug manufacturer Burritt Bros mean her work can sometimes be found on credenzas or underfoot, as well).

Gaile Guevara Vancouver Designer Zoë Pawlak paintings featured in a Gaile Guevara-designed space. (Photo: Tracey Ayton.) Pawlak and furniture maker Jeff Martin pictured with their credenza collaboration. (Photo: Ema Peter.) A Pawlak-done portrait featured in designer Amanda Hamilton’s home. (Photo: Phil Crozier.)

So it was kind of surprising to hear that Pawlak—though she’s currently based in Montreal—has actually never had an exhibit of her landscape paintings here in Vancouver. Well, until now: The Aviary will be showcasing the artist’s amazing work February 23 through March 11 in their chic, modern co-working space.

(Photo: Jon McMorran.) (Photo: Jon McMorran.)The solo show, Landscapes, is mix of never-before-seen and well-loved pieces, all in Pawlak’s dreamy signature style. “Landscape painting conjures up memory. It’s built into our physiology, in our body,” reads the artist’s statement. “The landscapes are about our relationship to time and how we move through space. The landscape (spaces) are place-holders for memory.”

Want to learn more about the artist’s work? You can ask her in person: Pawlak will be there for the exhibit opening February 23, as well as February 25 and 26 from 10 a.m.  to 5 p.m.

Landscapes at The AviaryFebruary 23 through March 11, 2017More info at theaviary.ca

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