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A good mattress is key to sleeping better and waking feeling refreshed. If you've experiencing discomfort and poor sleep quality with your current mattress, it might be time to get a new one. Below, we'll look at the best mattresses in Canada. You'll be able to find your match among these diverse and comfortable mattresses, but only after you know what to look for.

Our top picks for the best mattress in Canada

Choosing a mattress can be difficult€¦

€¦ which is why we're here to help! Mattresses have a host of features, options, constructions, and more. How do you know what€™s right for you? We'll go over the mattress basics here, and then look at some more advanced options.

  • Mattress Type: There are just a few types of mattresses that you need to look for. Foam or memory foam mattresses cradle your body in a comforting €œhug€. They help relieve pressure and create a comforting experience overall. However, foam mattresses can sleep warm because the foam absorbs and retains heat. Hybrid mattresses provide the same comfort and pressure relief as a memory foam mattress, but they also contain an extra layer of coils. These coils provide additional support, motion control, and more. Which mattress type you prefer is entirely personal.
  • Materials: You want your mattresses made with high-quality materials. Go for foams that are CertiPUR-US certified, or certified by a similar organization. Open-cell foams and Tencel fibers are great starting points. Luxury materials may cost a little more, but they will last longer and provide a better user experience overall.
  • Firmness: For mattresses, firmness is graded on a scale between 1 and 10. A 1 is an extremely soft mattress, and a 10 is extremely hard. A mattress is considered €˜soft€™ if it rates between 2 and 3, €˜medium-soft€™ at 4, €˜medium€™ at 5, €˜medium-firm€™ at 6 and 7, and firm starting at 8. This scale helps you understand how the mattress will feel, particularly in circumstances where you can€™t test the mattress yourself.
  • Sleeping Position: The firmness that you prefer is tied to the position you like to sleep in. Back sleepers generally prefer firmer mattresses. Side sleepers prefer medium mattresses, while stomach sleepers like softer mattresses. If you are a combination sleeper, a firm or medium-firm mattress is best. These guidelines are just suggestions. Your preferences should be considered before purchasing a mattress based on a generalization.

You might prefer€¦

  • A firmer mattress if you are heavier or sleep on your back.
  • A softer mattress if you are lighter or sleep on your stomach.
  • A medium mattress if you are between 130 and 230 pounds and sleep on your side.

Additional mattress features to choose

Outside of the basics, there are some additional factors to consider before purchasing a mattress.

  • Temperature Control: People who sleep hot often wake up sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Memory foam mattresses sleep warm, too. To combat the temperature control issue, many mattresses include special gel cooling foams, breathable perforated foams, and covers that wick away heat and moisture. If you sleep warm, look for a mattress that uses one or more of these temperature control features. The more the better, especially if you often wake up hot and sweaty.
  • Motion Isolation: Waking up every time your partner turns over can be a huge problem, especially if you have trouble falling asleep again. Motion isolation features (such as dense foam or individual coils) help stop the transfer of motion between you and your partner. No matter how restless your partner is, a good motion isolation mattress won't let it keep you awake.
  • Edge Support: Some people with partners sleep near the edge of the bed, while some sit on the edge to put their slippers on in the morning. However you interact with the edge of the bed, you want it to be a comfortable experience. Sometimes, the edge of a mattress can dip and sink, leaving you to feel like you've sliding off the edge of the bed. If this bothers you, choose a mattress that features increased edge support. This is usually achieved with a special perimeter or foam or coils to ensure edge-to-edge support.

Best Overall: The Douglas Mattress

When it comes to Canada-exclusive mattresses, the Douglas mattress tops them all. This mattress features comforting memory foam layers made with eco-conscious materials. Together, the layers create a cooling, pressure-relieving surface to help you sleep through the night. It€™s a medium-firm mattress that€™s ideal for back and side sleepers.

However, the Douglas mattress is great for all sleeping positions. Side sleepers get the spinal alignment they need, while back sleepers and stomach sleepers get balanced, full-body support, and pressure point relief.

It starts with the CoolSense cover. It contains moisture-wicking Tencel fibers. It€™s sustainably produced and washable, so you can unzip it and throw it in the laundry to refresh your bed. Inside the cover are three layers of foam, beginning with an ecoLight cooling gel layer. It€™s made with 40% less carbon input than standard memory foam. It works to keep you cool as you sleep, too.

The next layer is Elastex foam, which mimics natural latex foam. It€™s made without many of the chemicals that make natural latex, but it€™s non-allergenic. The mattress is more responsive because of its latex properties, but it maintains a supportive surface.

The bottom layer is a 6€ core of motion isolation foam, which offers edge support and keeps motion from moving between sleepers. Altogether, the mattress is supportive, cool, and helps you stay asleep even when your partner is restless.

You can try the Douglas Mattress for 120 nights after purchase. During this trial period, you can see if the mattress works for you. After the first 30 days, you can return the mattress for a full refund, so the trial is risk-free! You'll also get a full 15-year warranty after your purchase.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium-firm (6)
Available online

Best Customization: The Novosbed Mattress

Most mattresses offer one firmness option. If the firmness level doesn€™t work for you, you'll have to purchase another mattress entirely. With the Novosbed mattress, there€™s no reason to compromise. This mattress offers three different basic firmness options. These are supplemented with Comfort+ Kits.

These kits include toppers that can make the mattress firmer or softer depending on your preference. With Comfort+ Kits, you can customize the firmness of your mattress. With these additions, you have a total of nine different firmnesses to choose from.

The Novosbed features three layers of foam, all made with an open-cell design. These larger cells trap heat and work to isolate motion, making it more comfortable for you to sleep. The first layer, the Comfort Zone, uses these cells to create a cool, comforting sleep surface. Below this is a layer of contouring transition foam that relieves pressure points.

The support foam layer adds even more full-body support. Here, you'll find a firmer foam that evenly distributes your weight, providing durability and keeping you elevated out of the mattress.

The foams are wrapped in several different covers. The first two-way stretch cover keeps the foam together and protects it when you remove the other cover. The top portion of the outer cover is a soft knit fabric that is removable and washable. The bottom portion of this outer cover is a furniture-grade siding usually found in upholstery. They work together to ensure that your foam lasts a long time.

Ready to try the Novosbed Mattress? You can try the mattress for a trial period of 120 nights. After the first 30 days, you can order a Comfort+ Kit to fine-tune the mattress€™s firmness level. If you still don€™t like it after spending 30 days with the kit, you can return it risk-free for a full refund.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Soft (3.1), Medium (4.8), Firm (7.0)
Available online

Best Hybrid: Logan & Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress

The Logan & Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress is the only mattress we€™ve looked at that has a separate pillow-top section. This hybrid mattress is supportive and comfortable, with a thick pillow-top made of layers of cooling and comforting foam.

This mattress is made with premium materials, including a hand-tufted Tencel cover. Every layer of the mattress contains luxury materials, from the pillow-top to the supportive coil layer. The pillow-top section includes four layers of dense foam and silk-blend pillow-top fill. Inside, you'll find two layers of cooling foam and supportive foam, as well as a comforting top layer of fill.

The bottom section of the mattress contains two layers. The first is a high-density foam layer to help transition to the coils. This layer relieves pressure points and keeps you elevated away from the coils below. The bottom layer is firm, comfortable coils. They are zoned and pocketed, so they compress individually to keep you supported without transferring motion like an innerspring mattress.

There are two firmness options to choose from. Medium Plush is a 5.5 on the firmness scale and features softer foam layers. The Luxury Firm is about a 7.7 and has denser foam options. Each creates a unique experience. Side sleepers may appreciate the Medium Plush option, while back sleepers might prefer the Luxury Firm option.

If you choose the wrong firmness, you can exchange it up to 120 nights past the date you receive it. During this time, you can also return the mattress if it isn€™t to your liking. You'll get a full refund during this time. If you decide to keep the mattress, you'll have a 15-year warranty.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium Plush (5.5), Luxury Firm (7.7)
Available online

Best All-Foam: The GhostBed Classic Mattress

GhostBed€™s flagship mattress features four layers of luxury foams. Each layer has unique properties that help with different areas of sleep. This mattress was created with over 20 years of research and experience in the mattress industry. GhostBed knows a thing or two about comfort.

This mattress is medium-firm and comes in at about a 6.7 on the firmness scale. It€™s great for balanced support and appeals most to back and side sleepers. The GhostBed classic features a plush cover, a smooth and soft viscose and polyester blend. Together, they create a cover that is soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep on.

Under the ultra-soft cover are three layers of foam. First is a layer of non-allergenic aerated latex. This layer features hundreds of small holes that help channel heat away from your body all night long. It€™s a synthetic latex that won't irritate latex allergies, Plus, it presents a more responsive, bouncier surface than memory foam.

The next layer is a proprietary gel memory foam that helps trap heat, transferring it towards the edges of the mattress and away from you. This layer also helps relieve pressure points, offering a deep, comforting contour. The final layer is a thick 7.5€ high-density support layer. It helps align your spine and offers full-body support.

You can try the GhostBed Classic for 101 nights in a risk-free sleep trial. After, you'll have a 20-year warranty to ensure that the mattress continues to help you sleep better.

Warranty: 20 years / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Medium-firm (6.7)
Available online

Best Motion Isolation: The Endy Mattress

Sleeping with a restless partner can feel like a challenge, especially when you've sleeping on an innerspring mattress. Motion transfer is an issue that everyone who sleeps with a partner eventually faces, but the Endy Mattress has the answer.

Most memory foam mattresses isolate motion on some level, but few offer motion control like the Endy mattress. This is due to the dense layer of support foam at the bottom of the mattress. Every layer is made with open-cell foam as well, creating tiny pockets that prevent motion transfer.

The other two layers include a breathable top layer that keeps you cool as you sleep, followed by a transition layer made of responsive latex. This layer helps cradle your body, relieving pressure and keeping you comfortable.

This mattress is a 6.2 on the firmness scale, delivering pressure relief to side sleepers, back sleepers, and even some stomach sleepers. It€™s close enough to a €˜medium€™ to be great for most sleepers.

The entire construction is temperature-neutral, a rarity when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Memory foam adjusts to temperature, becoming softer when it€™s warm and firmer when it€™s cold. Because of this, memory foam can feel different in some seasons. The Endy mattress features memory foam made to withstand temperature changes, so it feels the same all year long.

The Endy mattress has a 100-night sleep trial, so you can try it before deciding on a purchase. It also comes with a 10-year warranty that protects against defects.

Warranty: 10 years / Trial Period: 100 nights / Firmness: Medium-Firm (6.2)
Available online

Best Latex: Recore Mattress

The Recore Mattress features a unique type of latex foam to offer a comfortable, responsive surface. You'll get the deep cradling and pressure relief of memory foam without the feeling of sinking in. For some, especially combination sleepers, this can be a great alternative.

The Recore Mattress also features some advanced technologies. The cover, for example, is coated and threaded with silver. This SilverCharged design helps keep the cover fresh and clean, even between washes. The silver is antimicrobial, too.

The first layer of foam is graphite-infused latex. It€™s responsive like all latex, but the graphite infusion helps to regulate heat. This layer keeps the foam at a cooler temperature, ensuring that you don€™t heat up even if you sleep warm. The second layer helps transport even more heat away from you. This cooling gel foam offers superior weight distribution as it moves heat to the edges of the mattress.

Finally, a dense layer of support foam offers great motion isolation, support, and spinal alignment. Every layer of this mattress works together to create a more comfortable experience that will have you sleeping undisturbed throughout the night.

The Recore mattress works with most standard foundations, including platform or adjustable bases, a boxspring, or a slatted base with a center support beam. You can try the Recore mattress for 120 nights in a risk-free sleep trial, after which you'll get a 15-year warranty.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium-firm (6.4)
Available online

Best Value Hybrid: Brunswick Spring Mattress

The Brunswick Spring Mattress combines the comforting cushion of a pillow-top with the extra support of a coil layer. This hybrid mattress uses an attached pillow-top and targeted lumbar support coils to help keep you comfortable without overheating.

This starts with the cover, which encases the pillow-top layer, foam, and coils. The cover is made with a sustainably-grown, farm-friendly help cover. This cover is durable, soft to the touch, and quilted for additional comfort. Inside, the euro-fill top presents a soft, pillowy surface for your body to relax into.

Under this pillow-top section are layers of cooling gel foam and soy-infused eco-foam. These layers help keep you cool and soften the transition between the pillow-top and the coil layers. These deeper layers feature deep pressure-point relief and extra support for the coils.

The coil layer features zoned and pocketed springs. Firmer springs in the middle of the mattress feature increased lumbar support, making this mattress an ideal option for side or back sleepers. The springs near the top and bottom of the bed are softer, giving those areas more cushion for comfortable sleep.

They also provide more air circulation, ensuring that the core of the mattress is cooler than an all-foam mattress would be. Overall, the mattress is medium-firm, or 6.5 on the firmness scale. The Brunswick Spring Mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium-firm (6.5)
Available online

Best Support: Casper Original Mattress

The Casper Original mattress features an all-foam design, with zoned support and cooling foam that helps you wake up feeling refreshed. It uses a combination of firm, soft, and aerated foams to create the perfect support system for every type of sleeper. This medium to medium-firm mattress can appeal to those who prefer any sleeping position.

The first layer of AirScape foam features hundreds of small perforations. These holes act like little highways for your body heat, moving it away from you as you sleep. These holes promote airflow, keeping you cool while moving heat away. It€™s also extremely contouring, so it starts providing comfort right away.

The second layer is the zoned support foam layer. The middle of the bed features a dense, supportive foam that gives your hips and lower back supreme support. The foam around your shoulders and knees is softer, so all sleepers can rest more comfortably.

The bottom layer of support foam helps to keep your body properly supported and your spine aligned. Between this layer and the zoned support layer above, you'll wake feeling more refreshed and ready to take on your day.

You can try the Casper Original mattress for a trial period of 100 nights. You'll have a 10-year limited warranty afterward, which covers more damage due to manufacturing defects.

Warranty: 10 years (limited) / Trial Period: 100 nights / Firmness: Medium to medium-firm (6)
Available online

Best Coils: Apollo Copper Hybrid Mattress

The Apollo Copper Hybrid Mattress features some of the most impressive technologies on our list. From the adaptive micro coils to the copper-infused foam construction, this mattress does everything that it can to give you a comfortable, supportive sleep.

This Canada-exclusive mattress is medium-firm, with four layers of high-quality foams and coils. All of the materials used in the Apollo Copper Hybrid are made at the highest level of manufacture, and you can feel the difference.

The PolarMAX cooling cover uses upholstery yarn that wicks away moisture and retains the cold. When you touch it for the first time, it€™s cold to the touch. If you've a fan of the cold side of the pillow, you'll love the way that this cover feels. Below is the CopperGel Memory Foam layer, which uses a high-density memory foam with micro-gel beads. Copper is also infused right into the foam. Both of these features work together to keep you cool.

The next layer is a 5G Open-Cell Memory foam with an edge support perimeter. The structure of the foam encourages airflow more than standard memory foam, relieves pressure points, and helps decrease motion transfer. It also cushions the way for the layer of micro coils.

The 1€ pocketed micro coils are smaller and more tightly wound than standard steel springs. They provide adaptable pressure relief, variable support, and increased airflow. Some mattresses would stop here, but the Apollo Copper Hybrid mattress features another layer. This thick slab of support foam helps to support you from head to toe.

This ergonomic mattress is designed to form your body, providing support where you need it. It also offers great edge support and superior motion isolation. Plus, the cover is washable!

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium-firm (6.6)
Available online

Best Cooling: The GhostBed Luxe Mattress

The GhostBed Luxe is nicknamed €˜The Coolest Bed in the World€™ due to the various temperature control foams used in its construction. Between the quilted cool-to-the-touch cover and layers of proprietary memory foam, this mattress works tirelessly to keep you cool.

GhostBed€™s mattresses are the culmination of 20 years of experience, and the GhostBed Luxe is one of the best displays of that expertise. Here, you'll find 6 layers of cooling, supportive foam, and a phase-changing cover.

The Ghost Ice Fabric cover has phase-changing properties. This means that it only heats up to a certain temperature before transferring the heat down to the other layers of cooling foam. It does its best to maintain that temperature without allowing you to overheat. Below are four layers of gel memory foam, cooling fibers, and layers of the proprietary Ghost Ice material.

Ghost Ice works hard to keep the center of the mattress cool. It helps to transfer heat to the edges of the mattress, away from you. This layer features a transferring property €“ and it€™s the lowest level of cooling foam in the mattress. All of the heat that starts gathering in the cover ends up here to be moved away from your body.

The fifth layer of foam is Ghost Bounce, a latex-memory foam hybrid that is exclusive to GhostBed. It contours like memory foam with all of the responsiveness of latex. Finally, you'll get to the high-density layer of support foam, which keeps it all together and provides additional support and relief.

The GhostBed Luxe comes with a 101-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

Warranty: 25 years / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Medium (5.2)
Available online

Best Edge Support: The Noa Mattress

Edge support is important, especially if you sit near the edge of the bed, sleep close to the side, or don€™t want to slide off when putting on your slippers in the morning. The Noa mattress offers superior edge support and a host of luxury foam material layers.

All of the materials used in the mattress are certified, either by REACH (the European equivalent to CertiPUR-US) or by a special third-party certification. They produce only low amounts of VOCs, and every layer is bound with a  water-based adhesive to help keep you cool as you sleep. The mattress is a 6.7 on the firmness scale overall, so it€™s great for side and back sleepers.

The cover is made of Tencel fibers. It€™s hand-tufted, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial to help those with allergies sleep a little better. It€™s also soft and comfortable to sleep on. The first foam layer in the mattress is an open-cell latex foam, which makes the mattress responsive and supportive overall. It€™s like sleeping on a cloud!

The third layer has a dual purpose. It offers sublime pressure relief and cooling properties, helping to support your body where you need it while it wicks heat away from you. Meanwhile, the adaptive transition foam helps isolate motion entirely. You won't feel your partner moving around at all.

The Noa Mattress is a hybrid, so it contains a layer of coils. The spring layer in this mattress features individually-pocketed springs in a mesh material, which promotes airflow. The coils are made of a thicker gauge of steel than standard coils, which help them remain durable. Finally, the coils are encased in a perimeter of edge-support foam that offers the increased edge support you've looking for.

You can try the Noa Mattress for 120 nights during a risk-free sleep trial. Afterward, you'll have access to a full 15-year warranty.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium-firm (6.7)
Available online

Best Hypoallergenic: Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux Mattress features a fully hypoallergenic and stain-resistant cover. It€™s one of the best mattresses on our list for hypoallergenic properties. It works to block the build-up of allergens and dust. As a result, your mattress will last longer overall.

But that€™s far from the only thing that the Puffy Lux is good at. It works with any surface or frame, so you can use a variety of different options to ensure you get the best possible support out of your mattress. This includes box springs, adjustable frames, slatted or flat frames, and platform frames. You can even put it on the floor at home!

The Puffy is also designed for a variety of sleeping positions. It€™s got enough spine support that just about anyone can get comfortable on the soft surface of the Puffy Lux. The mattress is designed to be breathable, offering temperature control and a type of €˜venting€™ system that allows your body heat to get out of the mattress altogether.

This is due to the 6-layer sleep system represented by the mattress. Under the hypoallergenic and stain-resistant cover, there are four layers of foam. The first is a Cooling Cloud foam, which works to pull heat away from you as you sleep. Under this is the adaptive Dual Cloud Foam, which is the best at reducing pressure points and keeping your body aligned and properly supported.

Next is the Climate Comfort foam layer. This layer helps the mattress maintain the same feel regardless of the season or temperature. Finally, the firm support base provides additional support and helps you rest more comfortably.

This mattress is a 5.4, or Medium, on the firmness scale. It€™s great for sleepers of all types, but especially those who sleep on their sides or backs. You can try the Puffy Lux for a period of 101 nights if you choose €“ afterward, you'll receive a lifetime warranty.

Warranty: Lifetime / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Medium (5.4)
Available online

Further Considerations

Before you decide on a new mattress, consider