These sensible coffee tables with built-in compartments are sure to de-clutter any space, leaving you free to enjoy the night ahead.

Whether you've stashing a laptop or hoarding a few bottles of wine, the Nuc table ($940) can hide it all (and we're not complaining about its stylish oak finish, either).

With two fully functioning hidden compartments, the Scout functional coffee table ($799) is sure to inspire a €œwhere did you get that?€ or two during a girls€™ night in.

Designed by Theresa Arns, the circular grooved-wood Turning table ($749), is both fashion-forward and practical.

The clean design of the Klere coffee table (from $499), with one deep drawer for storage, can pack away anything from chunky throws to embarrassing reads.

Middle-school wastebaskets have nothing on the Ferm wire basket and top (from $150).

From three-dimensional to flat in the drop of a hat, the Barcelona functional coffee table ($1,830) makes even the most cluttered of rooms feel Zen.