Emma® is turning heads and satisfying every bedtime desire with CliMax® Hybrid, a hybrid mattress that leans into supporting the modern, plus-size person. Specifically designed for plus-sized sleepers with a focus on comfort, the  Emma CliMax® Hybrid was created to celebrate real bodies and their intimate moments in bed.

A little-known fact is that most mattresses aren’t built to support sleepers over 250lbs, and this can cause mattress sagging, lack of support and night sweats for plus-sized sleepers. CliMax was specifically designed to combat these issues.

“Great sleep doesn’t have to stop at size 18,” says Marty Gonzaga, Country Manager of Emma® North America. “Full-figured men and women deserve products that not only listen to and understand their specific needs but celebrate real bodies in a realistic, feel-good way.”

As a sleep-technology company, Emma prioritizes premium R&D standards and testing for top quality and durability, so every mattress caters to every sleeper’s bedtime desires. (And that goes beyond catching those ZZZs to technology designed to elevate your sex life with five layers of cloud-like comfort combined with CliMax® pocketed springs for extra… bounce.)

Prepare for the best “six” of your life with these materials that deliver key benefits, time and time again:

An UltraDry® Pillowtop Cover provides a hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking sleep surface that’s soft to the touch, breathable and luxuriously plush. Emma’s award-winning hypersoft AIRGOCELL® Comfort Layer foam allows air to pass through, giving you the perfect balance of breathability and cloudlike comfort. A Transition Layer—comprising visco-elastic foam with more than 100 supportive points—distributes weight evenly while providing excellent motion isolation. Individually wrapped pocketed coils create five ergonomic and supportive zones for your head, shoulders, back, hips, and feet, and HRX Supreme® Edge Support offers up a reinforced perimeter around the mattress to prevent sagging and help you get out of bed in the mornings. The HRX Supreme® Support Layer completes the design with high-density and high-quality foam that’s supportive, durable, and will last through the years.

“We’re excited to bring the Emma CliMax® to Canada because of its focus on comfort, design and quality while allowing plus-size sleepers to awaken their best and realize their most energized, empowered selves through a good night’s sleep, all without charging them extra dollars,” Gonzaga says. “Inclusivity in body shapes and sizes is not a marketing trend. We’re here to champion confidence both in and out of bed and enable wellness across all parts of your life, because you do more in bed than just sleep.”

The Emma CliMax® Hybrid is waiting to rock your world at emma-sleep.ca. Every purchase comes with a 365-night trial, a 10-year warranty, and next-day free shipping across the country.

Find out why the Emma CliMax recently won a consumer-voted Canadian Best New Product Award for the mattress-in-a-box category at emma-sleep.ca or follow Emma® on Instagram or Facebook for updates. Check out the World Sleep Day Sale from March 13 to April 2 and get up to 50% off the Emma CliMax!