The AVA Chair, designed by Song Wen Zhong in 2009, was inspired by an aesthetic that has been turning heads for centuries.

Seven years may seem a long time for a single chair to remain at the forefront of the interior design industry, but in the case of the AVA Chair by Chinese furniture designer Song Wen Zhong such longevity should come as no surprise. After all, the AVA Chair was inspired by the historic Kau Yi Ming chair, which dates all the way back to the Ming Dynasty, proving a truly timeless and transcendent appeal.Song won the first ever Roche Bobois Award for his innovative design just three years out of the Bejing Art Academy and then went on to claim a Special Award in the Chinese Interior Design Competition, further emphasizing his commendable achievement with this piece. The curvaceous AVA Chair is made to reflect one continuous flow, a feat made possible by the modern, eco-friendly manufacturing method of plastic injection. Song’s intersection of time-honoured tradition and contemporary influence has made the AVA Chair a favourite among Roche Bobois customers ever since.

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