It's your childhood dream come true!

You always remember your first time: your first kiss, your first love, your… first visit to Ikea. Mine was at the tender age of six, and I vividly remember wanting to be tucked into one of those showroom beds—preferably one nestled in a whimsical Minnen frame and covered in some cool fox-adorned sheets—and being left alone for the evening, when I could explore the adjoining playrooms in peace before devouring as much 75-cent fro-yo as my stomach could handle. (Epiphany: Ikea is the Good Place!)Evidently, I wasn’t the only one with such a dream as Ikea is hosting an in-store PJ party on February 23 for 2,200 lucky guests at store locations across Canada. However, only 220 invitees will actually get to spend the night in the store’s bedroom section, turning what was originally thought to be a feel-good 19-plus (or 18-plus if you’re in Alberta) sleepover into kind of an exclusive event. Those spending the evening will get to pick out their own Ikea linens and wake up with a swag bag packed with $500 worth of Ikea goodies to take home, making this very exclusive event kind of worth playing for.Eleven Ikea locations across Canada—including ones in Calgary, Coquitlam, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Richmond—will host 200 guests each, though capacity is already full for these parties. (Clearly, good news travels quick.) But guests still have a chance to nab a sleepover spot at their preferred Ikea stores by submitting their phone number online before February 15. Winners will be notified a week prior to the party, so they can roll up with their jammies in style.The only question left, of course, is which linens you’d pick out for a night at the ol’ blue-and-yellow building?