There’s nothing us humans love more than things that are also other things. For example, phones that are also cameras. Cocker spaniels that are also poodles. Tex that is also Mex. A keychain that is also a breathalyzer (yes, they make those, my cousin has one). 

Of course, sometimes, we can go too far. Pants that are also shorts come to mind.

Ikea’s got their finger (FINGRAR) on the pulse of the two-in-one phenomenon we love so much. Earlier this summer we covered the Symfonisk, their new speaker disguised as wall art. And this week, they’re announcing the launch of Starkvind, an air purifier masquerading as a mild-mannered side table. (Your move, Clark Kent.)

According to Ikea, Starkvind purifies pollen, dust particles, pet hair and dander, and fumes and odours from cooking and cleaning from the air. It connects to the Ikea Home smart app so you can control it from your phone that is also a camera.  You can set it to manual mode (control freak) or auto, which uses built-in sensors to monitor air quality and adjust as needed. It’s available in both a $139 floor model (sleek but predictable) and a $199 side table model (mysterious and exciting).

The side table model has a groove down the leg for cable management. Why aren’t all tables designed like this?

Ikea isn’t actually releasing Starkvind until October, so until then, you’ll have to keep stewing in your own dust particles and pet dander. New idea: a pet that is also a butler?