The quarter-finals continue, matching up minimalist style against high function.

The quarter-finals for our first annual March Madness Classic Chairs competition are still in full swing. In this match-up, an unusual duo are duking it out to be named the Most Iconic Chair of All Time: the Wishbone chair versus the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Just like the rest of the Round 2 battles, we’ve asked two of Western Canada’s top designers to weigh in on these sweet seats, but ultimately, it’s up to you to help us decide which chair will emerge victorious. Vote in the comments below, or let us know onTwitter or Facebook to let us know which design should move on to Round 3.wishbone-chair

In This Corner: The Wishbone Chair!

as defended by Alykhan Velji, Alykhan Velji DesignsNot only does the Wishbone chair add style to a space, it’s a great showcase of woodwork and craftsmanship that has proven to be timeless (originally designed in 1949!). Unlike the Aeron chair, which is quite commercial and sterile, the Wishbone chair adds warmth and interest to a space. It can act as a supporting piece in a room or focal point depending on how you use it. Versatility, style and craftsmanship are what make this chair a winner!”MORE: See how the Wishbone dominated in the first round

aeron-chairThe Defendant: Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair

as defended by Megan Baker, The Cross Decor and Design

“There’s no doubt that the Aeron chair is extremely comfortable.  That’s its winning point! Against the wishbone chair, users will get their value out of the Aeron much faster because it’s a seat that’s enjoyed for hours a day as opposed to the occasional dinner party.” 

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