A good night's rest means waking up refreshed and ready to face the day with a clear mind and a calm spirit. People who get a sound slumber are better able to manage their weight, combat heart disease and diabetes, and master the art of memory recall and getting along with others. What we sometimes forget is the important role bedding plays to ensure our sleep is fulfilling and restful.

Sylvia Reddy, VP of sales for QE Home | Quilts Etc., says this role is always top of mind for her teams at the company's 75 stores across Canada. The first thing they do when a customer walks in is find out what kind of sleeper that customer is.

€œwe're revolutionizing sleep,€ Reddy says. €œWe have options for all kinds of sleepers, from those who constantly run hot to people who wear an extra sweater through summer. And all of our natural materials are partner-friendly.€

Women who are experiencing menopause or who may be hormonal post-childbirth, for example, need a cool, refreshing sleep, and QE Home's luxury sheeting lines feature a range of temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking fabrics, like TENCEL® Modal and activated charcoal from bamboo.

€œPeople who might be losing their hair or who have reached an age where they are caring differently for their skin can benefit from our silk and silk-like products,€ Reddy says. €œOur beautiful Silk Moon pillowcases, for instance, leave no creases on the skin and reduce hair loss because the hair glides over the surface.€

The best thing about choosing natural fabrics is that they are partner-friendly. €œPartners who share a bed may have different sleep types, but both can feel regulated and comfortable surrounded in natural and breathable bedding,€ Reddy says.

QE Home offers a full range of duvets, from lofty Canadian-made Hutterite down to hypoallergenic 100% Mulberry silk, or down alternatives made from Australian wool, bamboo charcoal and other materials.

€œEvery season, our in-house designers introduce fresh, new collections across Canada,€ Reddy says. €œOur bedding designs range from trendy to timeless, with options for every budget, whether you've looking for a major sleep upgrade or just a pop of colour to liven up a room.€

Customers can also sleep well knowing QE Home | Quilts Etc. is fully committed to eco-friendly and Earth-aware products, sourcing fabrics made from environmentally sustainable, closed-loop processes, or reducing plastic packaging.

Learn more at qehomelinens.com, or explore designer bedding collections, luxury sheets and duvets online.