It won’t be showing up at your door this year (in a move towards a more sustainable distribution, they’re sharing it at and in store), but there’s still something to the tradition of cracking open the new catalogue and thinking about how much more organized/soft/welcoming your life would be if it was set up more like one of their in situ product photos. (Fun fact: I once visited the Ikea photo studio in Almhult, Sweden, and the designers/photographers there have each room set up in minute detail, right down to the time of day it represents and just how many kids/parents/grandparents live in said fantasy suite.)

We got a sneak peek of this year’s catalogue prior to its August 6 launch, and here are some of our favourites.

Of the LED light in the Sammankoppla collection, Bhanu Inkawat, Executive Creative Director at Greyhound Original says, €œThis is a collection infuenced by a city where anything goes, and it shows that imperfection can be perfect.€.

1. Sammankoppla

The new collection, a collaboration with Thai designers Greyhound Original, launches August 1 and takes its inspiration from Bangkok street style, focusing on recycled, reused and repurposed products. LED light, $24.99; Cushion, $34.99

Inspired by cushions shaped like this in markets throughout South-East Asia, they’re designed for resting your back on.

2. Fröset Chair

Available in stores in October, this oak veneer piece is all Scandi-cool lines and will look excellent as an occasional chair in the living room – or in the foyer as a stylish spot to remove footwear. Spot it in red, white or black-stained oak veneer. $99

3. Klarafina

Designed by Ikea of Sweden designer Akanksha Deo (who’s based in India, one of their only designers outside of head office in Almhult) and made by the social Indian enterprise Rangsutra, production of the Klarafina pillow cover cushions provide long-term livelihood for female artisans. $24.99

4. Knixhult

Handwoven with small pieces of bamboo that would have otherwise been discarded, each lamp is unique€”the natural colour of the bamboo varies. $59.99

5. Gistad Recliner

A modern, minimalist recliner is actually harder to find than you’d think (so many overstuffed, skirted monsters out there). The new Gistad comes in black or, my personal favourite, this dark red shade. $249