Trevor Patterson’s Landeau is bringing a small Parisian flower stand to the masses.

There is something so timeless and elegant about a bouquet of roses. However, the process of actually sending floral arrangements can be overwhelming and ultimately disappointing – online ordering tends to be a bit of a guessing game, with no way of knowing exactly what your chosen arrangement will actually look like, or what kind of packaging it will arrive to its destination in. It feels sort of impersonal and anticlimactic, for both the sender and the recipient. Trevor Patterson wants to change all that with his European-inspired online rose delivery service, Landeau. Browsing feels like the online equivalent of shopping at a small Parisian flower stand. The choices are minimal – yellow, pink, or red roses – but the simplicity of it feels like a privilege, not a hindrance. It is hard to think of any occasion where these gorgeous fresh roses, hand-tied and wrapped in crisp white tissue paper nestled in Landeau’s signature round box, wouldn’t be the perfect gift (hint, hint).