At the center of your kitchen, at the center of your table.Was it fate that brought two Belgian industrialists together at the Brussels Fair in 1924, one a casting specialist, the other an enamelling specialist, who through a chance meeting would team up to make Le Creuset’s iconic enamelled cast iron cookware? We like to think so. The duo created the brand’s first Cocotte, or French Oven, in 1925 and the rest was colourful kitchen history. Since then, Le Creuset has set the standard for high-end bake and cookware, still using hand-crafted techniques—each cast iron piece is still cast individually in sand molds and hand-inspected by French artisans—to create the everyday dishes beloved by home and professional chefs. Dishes in their signature retro orange, expanded to all the colours of the rainbow, and are the most prized pieces in any collection.