Since Montauk Sofa’s first store opened in Montreal in 1995, Owner Tim Zyto and Head Designer and Executive Manager Danny Chartier have worked together to build with a reputation for quality.Montauk’s upholstered products are hand made in Montreal using traditional methods: a solid wood frame is covered with springs held in place by flax rope, then overlaid with high-density latex and down-filled feather cushions. Comfortable, deep seats with supportive cushions make Montauk’s sofas luxurious to lounge in.Because of Montauk’s wide range of custom-design possibilities, clients can tailor their furniture to meet their individual needs. A large variety of fabrics—from leather to linen, casual to formal, and classic to contemporary—allow clients’ personal styles to meet their upholstery match. Truly, imagination is the only limit.Carbon neutral since 2006, Montauk consistently works toward the goal of producing zero emissions and designs all of its sofas to be recycled into another product or back to the earth.Today, Montauk has showrooms in North America’s most vibrant cities—Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Chicago. For more information, visit