We’re crazy for cork, and these designers are too.

Once, a bulletin board was the only way to incorporate a little cork into your space. (That, or a bottle of wine.) But as designers gravitate towards natural materials and organic palettes, cork is emerging as a power player in the world of interior design. What’s not to love? It’s neutral, it’s textured, it’s warm, it’s sustainable and it’s versatile. And as these picks from local designers prove, it’s beautiful, too.

Designers’ Favourite Cork Accessories


1. Vitra Cork Family Stools

“These Vitra stools, designed by Jasper Morrison in 2004, are still by far my favourite cork accessories. These stools are extremely lightweight, durable, and multi-purpose—I use them for overcapacity seating and footrests.  They also serve as perfect places to stack books or hold a teacup when necessary.” —Alda Pereira, Alda Pereira Design

MORE: See how Alda incorporated these stools into her own home here.


2. Max Harper Corker Lamp

“Cork has such a beautiful, soft vibe to it. You see it and you just need to touch it. We love it for its warmth and for its eco-friendly comfort. It goes with everything, it’s renewable and plentiful. Cork has an interesting way of feeling both instantly familiar and wonderfully new at the same time. Lately, we’ve been loving these super cool cork light pendants by Max Harper. Perfectly simple, right?” —Jamie Hamilton and Greer Nelson, Oliver Simon Design


3. Phillip Jeffries Cork and Metallic Wallpaper

“I love how this paper combines a natural quality with the elegance of metallic quality. I think this very versatile wall-covering could be used in both a very modern or traditional setting.”—Martine Ast, Paul Lavoie Interior Design


4. Ikea Sinnerlig Dining Table by Ilse Crawford

“This year, I feel people are more grounded and the trend is heading for a more raw and real aesthetic. Cork is a great product that is simple, sustainable and extremely versatile. I particularly love British designer Ilse Crawford, who has teamed up with Ikea to produce the Sinnerlig collection. Her sense of simplicity and texture shows well with her affordable line of cork and natural fibres.” Majida Devani,  Building Bloc


5. Normann Copenhagen 58° Salt and Pepper Shakers

“I love these salt and pepper shakers because they add a natural element to the kitchen and are easy to handle with the cork grip.”—Jamie Deck, Shift Interiors