The long-awaited department store is set to open its doors in one week’s time.

Vancouver’s new Nordstrom—its first international flagship store, and its third in Canada—is set to open its doors to the public on Friday, September 18. We got a sneak peek behind the scenes as staff members put the finishing touches on the 230,000 square-foot space, transformed from its bleak Eaton’s/Sears beginnings into an airy, natural light-filled design thanks to architect James Cheng.It’s fair to say it’s unlike any other department store we’ve seen in the city to this point, with services that include a Sugarfina candy bar by the main entrance, a cocktail bar in the women’s women department (hello!) and a top-flight restaurant on the third floor. The menswear area will have a $2.50 shoe shine station; the kids’ department a playhouse (and shoe-tying lessons, for once they’re ready for a shoe shine of their own).If you’re going to be among the many who line up on opening day at 9:30 am, expect a warm reception: it’s company tradition for every employee in the store to form a “human tunnel” and applaud customers as they come in. In the meantime, click on the slideshow below for a few shots of the space a week before opening.Click Below to Launch Gallery of Vancouver’s New Nordstrom Location

A light installation spans all three floors.

Nordstrom started as a shoe store in Seattle back in 1901, and its shoe department continues to be one of its most popular.

Women’s shoes are displayed as in a gallery.

The cosmetics department was redesigned so that customers could have easy access to the products€”they’re no longer behind the desk, but out and accessible.

A mobile charging station on the first floor is available to get a boost while you shop.

In the Juniors section, the dressing room is nicknamed “The Apartment,” and features girlfriend dressing rooms – where teens can try on clothes together.

Mini boutiques – such as this Burberry shop – feature throughout, including the purses department.

In womenswear, designer boutiques are scattered throughout the floor, such as this section dedicated to Ted Baker.

Children painted tiles to raise money for the Vancouver Aquarium, and those tiles are installed at the service desk in the kids’ department.

The top floor features kids’ clothes, the menswear department, and women’s activewear.