Interior designer Kendall Ansell gives us the scoop on why this luxe fabric is making a comeback€”and shares her secrets for how to get the velvet look at home.

Designers everywhere are excited about velvet’s reemergence in interior design (see Alykhan Velji‘s thoughts on the material and check out a Stephanie Brown-designed velvet space in our 2017 trend report) and now interior designer Kendall Ansell is weighing in.“We went through this stage where we were using a lot of sleek, grey and white (cold!) materials in the home, but now we’re heading back to cozy-warm spaces that make you feel good,” says the Kendall Ansell Interiors principal. “We’re seeing big knit blankets and linens—all those textural fabrics are coming back—and with that, obviously velvet fits right in.”Here’s why Ansell loves the look—and her fave ways to incorporate velvet in the home.

6 Ways to Get the Velvet Look at Home:

1. Stay On Budget

Find a look that suits your style—and your budget. “I like that you can still achieve the look at different price points. We can get some really lush velvet and we can get some lower pile (thickness) velvet that’s a lot less expensive,” says Ansell.

2. Be Practical

“If you have triplets running around with sticky fingers, velvet it probably not a good choice, but if you have a household that’s able to have some showcased pieces, adding velvet pillows is the easiest way ,” says Ansell. If you want to make more of a commitment, opt for a chair or sofa.

3. Don’t Overdo It

“I think there is such a thing as too much velvet. We can all picture the velvet-on-velvet-on-velvet look from the ‘60s—when it starts looking like a velour track suit, you’ve gone too far.”

4. Keep It Fresh

“The colours you choose can keep your velvet looking up-to-date and modern,” says the designer (a burnt orange or burgundy, for example, can date itself). “I personally love to see it in navy blue and other jewel tones because the shimmer lends itself to those tones.”

5. Mix it Up

Combine velvet decor with metals, woods and mirrors. “I always find that when we’re working with velvet, we typically pair it with sleeker, less textural fabrics that will let the velvet be the star. It’s one of those fabrics, like linen, that’s very versatile. It can go with a lot of different materials, but I do think it needs to be paired with something that won’t outshine the velvet,” says Ansell.

6. Use It as a Neutral

Velvet may seem like a winter fabric, but it can be used in spring, too. “Again, it depends on the colour you choose, the thickness of the velvet and what you’re pairing it with, but I do think velvet can be used as a neutral fabric across all seasons.”

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