Designer Seth Grizzle’s secret trips for creating a thoughtful getaway in his hometown.

In 2007 Seth Grizzle and co-founder (and Olson Kundig alumnus) Jonathan Junker created Graypants, a multi-disciplinary design firm that attracted immediate attention with their Scraplights, a unique line of pendant lights made entirely of repurposed corrugated cardboard. In 2012, the duo opened an Amsterdam studio, and last year their inaugural architectural project, the much-buzzed- about Garage, won the AIA Seattle’s Award of Honor. Here’s what Grizzle loves to do in Seattle.Photo by Noël, Flikr. Bainbridge Island Ferry. Photo by Noël, Flickr.

Take a Boat to Dinner

I live on a boat, so maybe I’m subliminally drawn to places that require boats to get there, but for me there are few things better than the combo of being on the water and having an amazing meal.Just around the corner from where I live on North Lake Union is Westward, and it’s my go-to spot. The oysters are amazing, the food is fantastic, and everything is situated toward the water. You can even boat here if you’re so inclined.I think May’s Kitchen has the best Thai food in the city; it just happens to be a ferry ride away on wonderful Vashon Island.A great spot to just disappear is Hitchcock on Bainbridge Island. The food and drink are note perfect, and after a long day, sometimes decompressing on a ferry with the sun dipping below the Olympic Mountains is just the right thing.Heck, while you’re at it, why not just charter a boat?Hitchcock Restaurant, Seattle. Hitchcock Restaurant, Seattle.Hammer + Awl, Seattle. Hammer + Awl, Seattle.Graypants Studio. Photo by Jonathan Junker. Graypants Studio. Photo by Jonathan Junker.

Buy Interesting Things

Hammer + Awl is a place for unique and well-curated men’s accessories from aprons to amazing leather satchels.When I need the perfect spot for a unique gift or just something fun and creative, I always seem to end up at Nube Green. Interestingly curated and always mindful about knowing and supporting locally sourced and manufactured goods.We’re transitioning our actual Studio into a working art gallery, and we love to give tours to design aficionados and other interested sorts.Seattle's Hidden Lake. Photo by Sri Dhanush, Flickr. Seattle’s Hidden Lake. Photo by Sri Dhanush, Flickr.

Go for a Hike

Hiking is my creative escape. There is no better designer than nature, and I feel so fortunate to be living in an area that is alive with design. I often find myself roaming around in the north Cascades—it’s quiet, serene and peaceful. Two of my current favourites are Mt. Baring and Hidden Lake Peak, neither of which is exactly a stroll in the woods, but I love pushing boundaries.

Check Out the Art Scene

The SAM is a well- known go-to, but the Henry Art Gallery also really pushes boundaries and brings some of the most thought- provoking exhibitions to the city.westward