No one has ever turned down a spa day. But amidst our busy lives between work, family, and *shiver* errands, it can be hard to prioritize self care and take some time to truly unwind and relax. That’s why these luxury bathrooms are the perfect getaway without going anywhere, bringing the comfort of the spa to the convenience of home.

5 Luxurious, Relaxing Bathrooms that Bring the Spa Home

Photo Credit: Michelle Johnson

Dark Tile Rises

This sleek, moody bathroom was designed by Katie Rioux and Candice Arcuri of DWK interiors in Calgary. Dekton stone and walnut cabinetry give it a modern, clean look, accentuated by the glam of gold hardware. In lives full of screens and overstimulating advertisements, sinking into a black-on-black bathroom sounds like the perfect way to end a busy day. See more of this home.

ann sacks tile bathroom
Photo Credit: Ema Peter

A Hidden Oasis

Tucked behind the homeowner’s closet and through a secret doorway, there is no better escape than this hidden, luxurious bathroom. This airy oasis was designed by Andrea Rodman and Scott Posno, influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design (with some French touches). Large windows, green plants and gold details give this bathroom a natural spa feeling. Uncover this secret bathroom.

Black, white, and grey spa and bathroom space
Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay

Sleek and Spa-licious

This bathroom definitely has a leg up in that it already includes a home spa, but the sleekness of the hexagonal grey tile and black ceiling detail really complete the feel. It was designed by Patrick Warren, senior associate with Frits de Vries Architects and Associates (shortlisted for the WL Designer of the Year awards for eight straight years) and Sita Walia, the co-founder of Awoke Company. Explore the rest of this updated home.

Measured Beach House Glass Shower and Stone Counter in Bathroom
Photo Credit: Ema Peter

Simple Pleasures

With large, bright windows, natural cabinetry and clean white tile, this bathroom was made for sandy feet and sun-kissed skin. Created by architects Piers and Clinton Cuddington and inspired by the West Coast architecture of California’s Sea Ranch, it’s no surprise this room belongs to a house situated on the waterfront. Visit this 1980’s seaside home.

Green marble sink over black and white tile. Small bathroom.
Photo Credit: Provoke Studios

Green Envy

Elegant green accents are a theme across this home, and carry into a small but dramatic bathroom that brings luxury to a simple hand-wash. This Vancouver house designed by Amanda Evans marries history with charm and chic marble. See the rest of the home.