This morning, I woke up and decided I wanted to write about pretty pink rooms—and I’m not really sure why. Is it because I think Barbie deserves some extra love after the Oscars snub? Maybe. Or perhaps it’s because Mean Girls was released and all I can think about is wearing pink on Wednesdays. It might even just be because it’s February.

Whatever the reason, the WL archives delivered. Take a look at these homes and commercial spaces that make use of the colour in both bold and subtle ways.

All Grown Up

Contrary to popular belief, pink isn’t just for little kids’ rooms. Take this primary suite, for example—Joanna Vagelatos designed it for a woman in her mid-30s. It’s girly and fun, but also mature thanks to the fact that the colour has been applied in a textured grasscloth wallpaper. The vibrant hand-printed pillows, intricate bedframe and modern lamps help, too. Get more bedroom design tips.

Photo by Michelle Johnson

Blushing Beauty

The team at McKinley Burkart decided to treat pink as a neutral at Annabelle. Pale blush walls bring the tapas bar, housed in a 19th-century sandstone building, into a new millennium. At the same time, the designers kept it from being too “millennial pink” by incorporating lush olive green, velvety plum and antique brass elements. Step into this Calgary eatery.

Photo: Michelle Johnson

Sweet Style

“When using pinks in design, you have to be careful that it doesn’t come across as too juvenile,” says Alykhan Velji. So when was tasked with designing Sucré Body Sugaring Boutique’s flagship location in Calgary’s Crowfoot Crossing neighbourhood, he went with pastel pinks, light wood tones and framed photographs of 1960s bombshells. “We wanted to create a feeling of beauty and strength,” he adds. Check out the rest of this chic wax bar.

Photo: Phil Crozier

Pretty in Pink

Designers Julie Lanctot and Paul Lavoie used bold, bright colours in every single one of the rooms in this 8,700-square-foot Calgary home—and the hot pink dressing room is no exception. What we would give to get ready for a night out in a space like this! Explore the rest of this vibrant family home.

Photo: Joel Klassen

Peachy Keen

Love the pink trend, but scared to fully commit? Try embracing peachy tones instead. That’s what interior designer Suzanne Tetrault of Studio Felix did here. In the kitchen, creams and peaches can be found in the backsplash, the island and the Roma Imperial stone that makes up the countertop. Peek inside this Calgary spec home.

Photo: Sonja Spaetzel

Barbie Land

Is this the Pink Label Salon in Qualicum Beach or a set from Barbie? Alana Dick of Ivory Design Company gave everything a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Aztec Lily to achieve this monochrome look. “We wanted to get that all-pink vibe with texture and no pattern” says the designer. “There is no pattern whatsoever in the shop.” Channel your inner Salon Stylist Barbie in this gorgeous hair studio.

All or Nothing

When we first fell in love with this pink bathroom from London’s 2LG Studio in 2022, we were worried that it would look dated after a couple years—the floor, the walls, the countertops are all covered in the Victorian Pink tiles from Tile Giant. But as it turns out, this was only the beginning of our millennial pink craze (as you can probably tell). See the space that kicked off our obsession.