When you’re renovating the kitchen, you could go with the standard handle, or you could rethink the door pull altogether. Guess which one we like?

While visiting some of my favourite stores on my last visit to Calgary, I popped into Banbury Lane. The Robert Pashuk-designed space is filled with unusual and hard-to-find hardware (my last visit, a dinosaur-themed selection would have bowled over my nephew). This time, I fell for these high-design pulls made out of Milwaukee that rethink what a drawer pull can be. Contemporary Pull has a Frank Lloyd Wright vibe to its designs, and would fit right in with a midcentury reno. Made of industrial grade aluminum, the pulls come in a half-dozen or so shades (including peacock blue, canary yellow and my favourite, bordeaux red), and through a skilled carpenter, are fit right into the cabinet doors themselves—pretty and practical.Contemporary Pulls, available at Banbury Lane, Calgary, banburylane.comSquareOne-RoundTwo-Nouveau-Eclipse-AllColors-Vertical-HighRes