Credit: Morning Moon Studio

Kate Barazzuol wanders the woods looking for treasure. Immersed in a deep respect for wild places and elements of nature, she opens her eyes and her heart until she finds what her spirit is looking for, but it isn’t treasure for her own benefit.

€œI want to invite people to see what it is like to give yourself a talisman that can be a touchstone and a reminder to see and connect with the natural world,€ says Barazzuol, owner and artisan at Morning Moon Studios where she hand-crafts enlightened and unique nature-inspired jewelry, each piece formed with the intention to connect.

Her work is exquisite, both by design and by the intricate, poignant selection and creation process that brings the object's ongoing energy directly to its wearer. Whether that element of nature becomes the inspiration for a pendant, ring, or pair of earrings, it carries and continues to deliver that energy for as long as the wearer experiences it.

€œWe are part of nature and we are from the same system,€ Barazzuol says. €œThese things are put in our paths to answer questions about our lives and to remind us that we need to help one another.€

Cedar, for instance, has an ancient history for clearing negativity and offering deep strength to the wearer.

€œIt is a guardian energy to it,€ she says. €œIt is like the item wants me to make something from it so it can help bring out the truth for people.€

Using her craft of traditional lost-wax casting, the item is carved from wax to create a plaster of paris cast that is then kiln-dried. She uses the process to cast items from her 20-piece permanent collection and one-of-a-kind custom items.

Morning Moon Studio is leading the way to the return to quality, hand-made beautiful objects every person needs in their life, evidenced by a growing number of €œfans€ around the world who know that wearing a piece of nature makes you feel connected, contented, grounded, inspired, supported. €œEach piece is incredibly detailed and casted in its own special energy and magic,€ Barazzuol says. €œThere is truly nothing else like it.

Each piece in the Morning Moon collection is a limited edition€”grab one if you can€”and once you€™ve indulged, there is no doubt you will be back for more.

€œPeople from around the world come back again and again to buy my work,€ Barazzuol says. €œMy average customer owns three to five pieces of my work, each made with great intention and care.€

Barazzuol spent 10 years selling pieces from her one-of-a-kind collection at the Granville Market where she worked 9-5, six days a week, and spoke to hundreds of people every day.

€œI€™ve had some amazing conversations with people from around the world,€ she says. €œThere is definitely a revolution towards quality happening. This is good medicine secretly infusing people with something beyond an accessory.€

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