A Vancouver-based company revolutionizes the classic French press design. No more sludge!

img1oI went through a French press phase for my morning coffee that lasted a few years. While I loved the convenience of it, I eventually grew to admit the downsides—muddy sludge for my last cup, which was tepid at best—outweighed the positives, and converted back to a traditional brewer. But now a Vancouver-based company has all but revolutionized the design of a classic press: the Espro Press uses a double filter that’s 12 times finer than any other press (hello, no more sludge), and its vacuum-insulated design actually keeps the coffee hot (something my knit cozy never quite succeeded in doing). Plus, it’s sleek and pretty—a quality I never underestimate when it’s meant to be used first thing in the morning.Espro Press, from $79.95, available at Gourmet Warehouse, gourmetwarehouse.ca and espro.ca.