Dekton set to change the surface industry.

Yes, go ahead and use Dekton by Cosentino for kitchen and bathroom countertops, but applications such as indoor and outdoor wall cladding, stairs, high-traffic flooring, custom furniture and even swimming pools are a natural fit for this surface. With limitless application possibilities, Dekton by Cosentino is taking the architecture and design world by storm as this almost indestructible surface makes its way into Canadian homes.From a spectacular fireplace in a Vancouver home to a completely cladded commercial building in Toronto, Dekton offers benefits and features that set it apart from traditional surface options. Designers are even starting to use it as an alternative to flooring and stairs because of its resistance to abrasion. It will not show wear over time, will never need to be resurfaced or refinished and cleans incredibly well because of its near-zero porosity.Canadian weather is a mixed bag fluctuating coast to coast from sweltering heat to the bitter cold. Can Dekton withstand the great Canadian outdoors? Absolutely. No matter the temperature, Dekton will never fade or degrade over time due to its high UV resistance. Its thermal shockproof properties also protect it from extreme cold making it the ideal outdoor surface to withstand a true Canadian winter.  Whether you’ve following the outdoor kitchen trend or looking to design an outdoor space, this product’s unsurpassed versatility makes it a top choice.On the home front, you can stop worrying about scratches, stains or burns to your kitchen countertops. Dekton is the most scratch resistant surface available, completely stain proof and has a high resistance to fire and heat allowing it not to burn, scorch or crack under high temperatures.Made with a sophisticated mixture of raw materials, this ultra€“compact surface comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes for any designproject€”commercial or residential. Dekton has strong presence in Western Canada with Cosentino Centres in both Vancouver and Calgary, open to the design and architectural community and their clients.Click to see more of the versatile Dekton surface