The Edmonton woodworking firm responsible for some of the city’s most stunning installations launches a new collection of made-to-order wood furniture.

Since launching onto the scene in 2011, Landson Schedler—third-generation carpenter and founder of Oliver Apt.—and his small team (former WL Ones to Watch!) have made a name for themselves with custom furniture and wood installations, becoming a benchmark for quality craftsmanship and woodworking in Edmonton. And though not everyone knows them by name, they’ve likely interacted with the company’s work: Oliver Apt.’s custom designs are prominently featured in some of the city’s most popular shops and restaurants, including Bar Bricco, MEAT, Woodwork, Cavern, Baijiu and Duchess Bake Shop.But as of this past June, fans of Oliver Apt. will no longer have to take a tour of Edmonton’s favourite restaurants and boutiques to interact with their work. The woodworking firm recently debuted a capsule collection of in-house designed furniture available for order on the company’s website. Each piece, affectionately named after the city’s iconic neighbourhoods and landmarks (e.g. the Victoria bench, Doon table and Central table) is customizable and will be hand-made to order.According to Schedler, the new line is meant to act as an extension of what the company has been building over the past six years. “Growing our skills as a woodworking team and shop has created the possibility to build larger, longer lasting furniture. We want to offer quality hardwood furniture pieces that can last for generations, that is made locally, and that expresses our designs.”The collection features side tables, coffee tables, benches, and large scale dining tables in Oliver Apt.’s signature minimalist aesthetic, crafted from solid hardwood. Each of the designs in the collection come in a variety of sizes and are available in rift-cut white oak, black walnut or ash.Oliver Apt. will still offer its custom services to customers, but the new collection—with price points ranging from $350 to $3,500— is intended to introduce a new level of consumer to purchasing local, handcrafted furniture for their home. “We aren’t shying away from custom projects totally,” says Schedler. “We’re creating a baseline for people to see what we can do, and to create a quicker turnaround at lower price point.”

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