Feeling Nostalgic

Residential interiors experienced the time-warp return of iconic styles and pieces plucked from eras ranging from the 1920s to the 1990s. Art deco prints, swinging fringe, rattan€”and more. we're going back, way back.

Extraordinary Measures

Prepare yourself: Texture in 2020 isn€™t going to be subtle, but instead decidedly conspicuous, with ribs and spines and 3D volume that scream out: €œTouch me!€ €œSee me!€

Seeing Colour

Studiopepe, Moooi, Normann Copenhagen and more are showing muted retro tones like oxblood, olive, orange and mustard, replacing formerly neutral furnishings and accessories. And while paint company Sherwin-Williams predicted that beige was on its way to unseat grey as the new neutral (how exciting!), millennials and Gen-Zers everywhere rolled their eyes at a collective reluctance to brighten up. Highlighter neon from the catwalks may be more than the renovating adults are ready for, but It's clear that the default for powder rooms, kitchens and bedrooms is no longer gallery-wall white.

Foot Traffic

Rugs are having an out-of-the-box moment: wild shapes, colours, geometric patterns and painterly power plays strong enough to make Kandinsky jealous.

Eco Ethos

With one eye on the climate crisis, brands and designers are focusing on handmade originals crafted from wood and ceramic, and a cradle-to-cradle product cycle: ingenious solutions and timeless investment pieces that can be reupholstered again and again as they move through the generations.

€œBuying responsibly and knowing where your pieces come from, who made them, what the materials are and what their impact is on the environment is not only eco-friendly,€ says designer Francesca Albertazzi of Rudy Winston, €œit also fills your home with even more stories than your personal ones.€