The Best Pants In Vancouver Are Now Made to Order

Let's start with a few disclosures: in the heady days at the start of the pandemic I did what many others did and gave my entire closet a hard edit. In the end there was a shirt here, a blazer there and an enormous stack of pricey selvedge jeans that...


Architecture x Wine in Seattle

Maverick winemaker Charles Smith and famed architect (and WL Designer of the Year judge) Tom Kundig got together to create a tasting room like no other.


Hello Old Friend!

Black Hills white blend has been around for 12 years—and it continues to be the standard-bearer for looking for elegance in their Sauvignon Blanc.


Small Wineries Unite!

This weekend's Garagiste North tasting lets you see what the really small producers are doing.


3 Dessert Wine Pairings

The 'other guys' of wine are ready to be served with your favourite recipes from the Duchess Bakery.


The Perfect San Fran Family Stay

A pair of kids and a pair of parents and single room is a recipe for leaving your sanity in San Francisco—here's the perfect option.


The Greatest Food City in America

It gave us food trucks & craft distilleries & barrel-aged cocktails. But a visit to Portland five years into the food revolution shows that it has become so much more than the sum of its quirky parts.


Essential Australian Wine

Yalumba was making wine 11 years before the Civil War started—and they're still one of the essential Aussie brands for wine lovers.


Kauai Travel Guide

Here's why you should make it your next Hawaiian destination—and where to eat, stay and play when you get there.


Sicily’s Softer Side

These Sicilian wines pair perfectly with the tomato-based recipes featured in Western Living's September issue.


Treb Lightly

Why does Hester Creek make the Okanagan's only Trebbiano?

British Columbia

Most Beautiful Okanagan Wineries

The winery has become the new art gallery for big-time architects who want to make a reputation-boosting statement building.


The Green Miles

Put a father and son in a compact car with two sets of golf clubs and a poor sense of direction, and let them loose in Ireland. It's bound to be the trip of a lifetime-and maybe the makings of the next great independent film.


48 Hours in Sonoma

The fresh air and cold water of Sonoma make for a fantastically chill vacation.

Foodies of the Year

2009 Foodies of the Year

In our second annual listing, meet the new generation of passionate chefs, restaurateurs, food producers, wine and spirits experts and activists who are helping to define and change the way we eat in Western Canada today.